Sunday, May 17, 2009


No, not for office. I'll take a break from politics, since I never intended this to be a political blog anyway and talk about my fitness efforts.

Yesterday, I ran a 5k. More accurately, I ran most of a 5k, but did walk bits and pieces of it. I finished under 32 minutes, which isn't great, but I was pleased. I beat a lot of my friends. It was extremely muggy. Next year, with more training and little cooperation from the weather, I'm going to try to finish under 27 minutes.

The best thing about doing this run for me is that having a goal like running a 5k got me focused on fitness. I intend to keep up the basic workout regimen I've been following for the last couple of months, adding in some weight training. I'm really starting to feel better, and I've even experience that so-called runner's high.

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curticefr said...

Dr. Babbitt,

I have not run for about four weeks now and must get back to running around SAU, especially since the addition of the new track heading up to the church makes the run that much nicer.

The last time I ran the two mile run for record I finished it in 14 minutes 14 seconds. Not bad for a 40 year old and that is why this rain has got to stop so I can get back to running.
Nice blog.
Curtice F. Rankin